Accepted Workshops

Workshop Acronym Date Time
9th Workshop on Noisy and User-generated Text WNUT
The 6th Workshop on Research in Computational Linguistic Typology and Multilingual NLP SIGTYP
5th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Discourse CODI
Towards Ethical and Inclusive Conversational AI: Language Attitudes, Linguistic Diversity, and Language Rights TEICAI
Modular and Open Multilingual NLP MOOMIN
UncertaiNLPFirst Workshop on Uncertainty-Aware NLP UncertaiNLP
The 8th Joint SIGHUM Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences, Humanities and Literature LaTeCH-CLfL
Fourth Workshop on Language Technology for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion LTEDI
Ninth Workshop on Computational Linguistics and Clinical Psychology CLPsych
Workshop on the Scaling Behavior of Large Language Models SCALE-LLM
The 7th Workshop on Challenges and Applications of Automated Extraction of Socio-political Events from Text CASE
The Fourth Workshop on Speech and Language Technologies for Dravidian Languages DravidianLangTech
The 18th Linguistic Annotation Workshop LAW-XVIII
Workshop on Simulating Conversational Intelligence in Chat SCI-CHAT
The Third Workshop on Understanding Implicit and Underspecified Language UnImplicit
Computational Approaches to Language Data Pseudonymization CALD-pseudo
The 1st Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Human Resources NLP4HR
Personalization of Generative AI Systems PERSONALIZE
The Seventh Workshop on The Use of Computational Methods in the Study of Endangered Languages Computel-7